The RadMarkTM

Bin Identification System

The RadMarkTM bin identification system is based upon a simple concept: If you can see it you can identify it.  

A uniquely identifiable, x-ray visible, tag is placed under the rim of each bin.  The identification code on the radiopaque tag matches the identification label on the bin.  When the scanner operator selects a bin to be checked it is visually identified on the scanner screen by the ID number.  The bin can then be easilysegregated for further screening through visually matching the bin label. 

Pre-marked bins may be purchased from DSA Detection, Inc.
The RadMarkTM Tags come ready to apply with a two sided adhesive that allows for easy assembly to your existing bins.  Just peel  the liner off and press it into place under the rim of the bin  That is all the assembly required for the tags. The tags fit discretely under the rim of the tray out of sight and away from potential tampering.  The adhesive is aggressive so that they are not easily removed.

The matching waterproof polyester bin labels are also peel and stick.  Each assembly kit comes with a label and tag matched up in the same poly bag container


Identification systems can come pre-assembled with tags and labels attached ready to use in your system as an option.


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